Before and After

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Nathan Sai

I wanted to find a great trainer to give me more confidence within the gym and push/hold me accountable. My major goal was to build muscles and want to lose weight.

When I started working out I was almost 85 kg and my goal was to lose my weight atleast 10-12kg in 12 weeks. But it was bit difficult to achieve this fitness goal. But when Shivam trained me for few days, then I thought this fitness goal is not as difficult as I think because the customized training programs and diet plans, Which they’ve provided me for 12-15 weeks and they used to weekly analyze my BMI. It really helped me a lot, just because the help of shivam I’ve achieved my fitness goal.

I lost my weight almost 12kg in just 12 week which is insane. Thanks shivam sir for your hard core training.


7 months ago I joined this fitness studio, Before this, I was almost 95 kg and I was very unhealthy people used to bully me just because I was unhealthy. But after that, I decided to focus on my health and fitness and I want to be fit.

Then I was looking for a fitness studio then I got to know about this studio and then I joined this fitness studio.

My fitness goal was to lose weight so, I started working out there and got some customized diet plans & workout plans and I strictly follow the plan for 5 months and almost lost 20kg in just 6 months which was Insane. As trainers, were giving me very hardcore training which actually gave me results and I’m very happy with their workout. The way they trained me was amazing and when I lost 20kg so, It was a Euphoria moment for me because My personality got completely changed, Just because of their workout plans & diet plans and my consistency.

Priyanka Prasad

5 Months ago I’ve joined this fitness studio and when I joined the studio, My weight was around 80kg and when I started working out over there. I was amazed because the workout was very intense and the way they trained is amazing. In just 3 months I lose my weight approx 15kg which is really amazing. Special thanks to the fitness experts who completely transformed my personality and I feel really confident, that I’ve achieved in just 5 months which is unbelievable. Thanks DIETNFIT fitness studio.