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Diet N Fit – The Fitness Studio: A place to keep you stay Fit & Healthy

DIET N FIT The Fitness Studio is INDIA’s first-ever fitness Integrated with VIRTUAL REALITY and ONLINE TRAINING, changing the traditional gym routine to SCIENCE-BASED training which will ensure switching to a healthier lifestyle at an affordable cost. 

With DNF fitness studio, support is real and begins the moment you meet. Our coaches don’t have one plan that fits everyone, they create a fitness experience based on your abilities, your body, and your goals – a total fitness experience that fits you. In addition to addressing important areas, other gyms cannot, your plan will cover a 360-degree approach to your health.

Our Goal

Through our online Health and Fitness Community. By the end of the decade, we are planning to open a chain of 30 studios across the globe and reach 1 million members and spread the right information.

Experience Our Fitness Services:

VR Fitness

DNF has introduced a Virtual Reality Fitness training program, the software is developed with result-oriented science-based fitness and not the out-dated ‘Bro-science”.

Here is what we’ve designed to make sure you’ll focus on getting fitter, stronger, and healthier through our fun sessions. You play the game and get fitter, stronger, and healthier. Using our mobile application, you can track your workouts, follow your progress, and stay accountable, and you will also be assigned a coach who helps you develop a customized diet and training plan.

VR Boxing

Using Virtual Reality, people can experience the imaginary world in real life. Take a look at the Virtual Reality boxing training, a full-body exercise. As a result of the movement of different muscle groups in boxing, strength, and stamina can be built. Boxing training with Virtual Reality is the safest way to do it since the setup is all virtual, making it seem real. There is less risk of injury/harm. It makes boxing enjoyable and easy.

VR Cycling

“Cycling the world with Virtual Reality” Cycling on a stationary bike can get boring with time. That’s why DNF offers a new concept that takes your cycling experience to the next level. It has become a leading fitness solution for gym-goers and indoor cyclists.

VR Freestyle

Playing VR games can surprisingly be good. But if we say while playing a game you can achieve your fitness goal. VR Freestyle is an amazing way to get your body in shape, with the help of this you can do a high-intensity workout in a virtual world, which gives you a different Virtual experience while doing this training.

VR Rowing

VR Rowing is an amazing workout with a different concept, Using Virtual Reality gives you a different experience and gives you a different world. DNF gives you a platform where you can enjoy your VR workout and achieve your fitness goals.

Sci-Fi Rides

A Science and Technology based Spinning session tailored for all types of fitness goals. Stationary exercise bikes are not used here, instead of the regular road bikes which are mounted on a custom-made training roller enabling a rocking movement which gives the rocking movement to the biker. Science-based Spinning sessions integrated with technology tailored for accurate results. The pattern is custom-designed with training rollers and regular roadside bikes. This gives the real-time experience to the rider as the bike keeps moving from side to side which is the rocking movement. The bikes are not stable as the Stationary Exercise bikes which are used for the spinning class hence it requires more engagement from the core and upper body as well to ride the bikes with constant pedaling.

Zumba Training

Zumba sessions are designed to help you lose weight, tone, and sculpt your body, by dancing to upbeat, popular songs. Zumba is a powerful exercise that you can use throughout your fitness journey. The more fun you have to do your exercise routine, the more likely you will stick with it. You may feel sore in places you didn’t realize existed, but it works. With Zumba, you tone your entire body by targeting lots of different muscle groups all at once. Exercising triggers the release of endorphins, which create a positive feeling throughout your body.

Mix Martial Arts

As the ultimate, most effective, and most comprehensive combat style, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combines the training of MMA submissions, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Judo, Wrestling, and Gymnastics. Training and competition in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) generally fall into two phases: the striking phase and the grappling phase, incorporating any kind of martial arts. We will assist our students in learning to apply both striking and grappling techniques simultaneously in this class with the goal of being able to remain effective in all phases of combat. 

Strength Training

Strength training involves performing physical exercises designed to improve strength and endurance. Lifting weights is often associated with it, but there are other training techniques that can also be used, such as calisthenics, isometrics, and plyometrics. It is easy to stay fit and healthy by doing strength training at Diet N Fit, with different variations. As part of our strength training sessions, we will switch from traditional gym training to science-based training that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Managing or losing weight, or improving your quality of life, can be achieved with strength training. There are many chronic conditions that can be reduced with strength training, including arthritis, back pain, obesity, heart disease, depression, and diabetes.

Rock Climbing

A rock climb is a great way to exercise your body, and you fire up a lot of different muscles, from your forearms to your feet. In order to climb rock faces and boulders, you need power for explosive movements, balance for traversing or moving up a rock face, endurance to sustain you throughout long climbs, and a stable core to help you climb more efficiently and effectively.

Spending as much time as possible climbing is the best way to prepare for rock climbing, whether it’s in the gym or at a crag.

Creche & Day Care

Our creche and daycare offer the right foundation for children to build a successful future. We believe that a child’s curiosity will be piqued and a growth mindset will be instilled in him early on. Teachers dedicated to this goal and scientifically developed curriculums are indispensable tools to accomplish it. Having complete confidence in your child’s physical safety is our number one priority. Furthermore, we offer a modern creche and daycare facility, which are important to your childcare journey.

Mix Martial Arts Benefits:

  • Mix martial arts Improves your cardiovascular health
  • It reduces stress and improves concentration
  • Mix martial arts Improves Mental Toughness and Resilience
  • Mix martial arts to build your physical strength

Sci-Fi Rides Benefits:

  • Preventing or controlling chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, back pain, and obesity
  • Improving your sense of well-being and body image 
  • Increasing self-esteem 
  • Improving sleep and reducing insomnia

Diet N Fit: APP Features:

Fitness Community

Community Is Getting Bigger And Stronger Every Day. Join The Group In A Horde And Stay Connected. Offer and Show Your Care to Your Fellow Members through Spreading Knowledge.

Live Session

Get a ‘Live’ Training Session via our Diet N Fit App, Where you’ll get training from our pretty specialist coach from the alleviation of your home. You Can Also interact with them online by using audio or video calls. Our professionals will continually be on hand to serve you.

Customized Diet Plan

Nutrition plays an important role in leading a healthy lifestyle. DNF provides you with a well-structured diet plan that builds your strength, stamina, immunity, and dealing with medical issues (If any). Our expert nutritionists help you with solutions based on your preferences. You’ll receive a customized diet plan to stay fit and healthy.

Customized Training Plan

“One size fits all” is not the right principle. We consider your fitness goal, as well as your needs and the time you can denote in a week, to be different. Our certified fitness expert will provide you well-structured training plan, As per your fitness goal. Whether your goal is to build muscles, fat loss, or weight loss.


Final Thoughts

DNF focus on every client to make sure that we serve the best service to our Fitness Studio members. DNF’s team has highly trained, experienced, and qualified professionals who are always available to give you the best training as per your fitness goal. Apart from that DNF’s motive is not to make but also to educate how to be healthier and maintain a healthy lifestyle, hence we have created a community space in the app, Instagram, and Facebook Page to discuss, and clear doubts of our clients, and update with educational material for all fitness goals.

Considering the current pandemic, DNF has developed a Mobile Application both on Android and iOS, featuring Live training sessions, group training, customized Diet Plan, Training Plan, fitness tools, friendly support, and fitness consultation with our experts which helps you in training at the comfort of your home. All the things we’ve designed for you so, that you can live a better and healthy lifestyle. That is why we also introduced a new concept in India, which gives you a different environment. Therefore, you can achieve your fitness goal at the same time as you can enjoy the workout as well.

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