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Diet N Fit Hip Loop Resistance Band for Women/Men Anti Slip Booty, Glutes, Squats, Gym Workout (Medium)


About this item

  • [STRONG AND STURDY MATERIAL]: Made with high-quality thickened & strengthened Polyester cotton, These resistance bands are elastic and durable meanwhile reinforced with rows of stitches, which provides you a lasting using experience without rolling up.
  • [IDEAL RESISTANCE LEVELS]: Whether you’re a beginner or Fitness enthusiast, our hip bands will help you step up your fitness. Our Hip Bands Set comes in three resistance levels; Medium (90 lbs). The premium material combined with the efficient design provides an optimum resistance level to train your lower body and provide you with more flexibility, making sure all your workout goals are met.
  • [IMPROVE OVERALL FITNESS]: You can use our Resistance Loop bands for a wide range of workouts. Starting from yoga to your at-home exercise routine, from glute and hip activation to strength improvement, the DNF Exercise band set will be an ideal addition to your exercises. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, the DNF Exercise band delivers perfect results.
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE]: Designed for your convenience, these exercise bands come with a portable bag, you can carry them anywhere, in travel, home, gym, etc. These bands can be easily packed with your fitness accessories, your suitcase case, or bags while traveling. The versatility of our resistance bands makes them ideal for both men and women.
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Whether you are a beginner or experienced trainee, our Resistance bands will help you boost your game. The Resistance Hip bands wrap around the body efficiently and provide the much-needed support and strength for a perfect workout. Our hip bands come in a high-quality cotton-polyester build. They provide additional resistance to your normal exercises like squats, lunges, slides, and kicks. Our hip bands can also be used for shoulder and arm exercises. The hip bands are designed to provide more support and resistance to help shape legs, hips, glutes, ankles, and calves. They also help strengthen and rehabilitate the lower body. With their professional design and premium material, our resistance Loop bands are suitable for all fitness enthusiasts.


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