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Less time more result

If you are too busy In your daily schedule, nothing to worry about It. You only have to give 30-45 minutes from your busy schedule, where you’ll get high-intensity training which gives you more results in less time.

Full body workout

Virtual reality training is a great way to ensure that you train every muscle group while doing this training. In just 30 minutes of training, you can train each muscle during this high-intense training. It is amazing training for functional strength.

Virtual Reality Fitness

DNF has introduced Virtual Reality fitness from Switzerland, the training is developed with result-oriented science-based fitness and not the out-dated ‘Bro-science”. The sessions are fun and built to ensure that you focus on your performance and progression.


  • You can track your progress and on the basis of that, you can increase the intensity of your workout to get better results.
  • It makes your workout fun and enjoyable which keeps your body energetic during the workout.
  • If your fitness goal is weight loss then this workout is especially for you. As it is a very high-intensity workout so, it will definitely help you to achieve your weight loss goal.

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VR Fitness FAQs:

Well, it is difficult to say that how many calories you burn. But it is a very high intensity training so, you can burn a lot of calories during this training.

This workout is very high-intense, Once you take the VR session then you’ll definitely see the change.

Yes, you can achieve your fitness goal, But if you follow our diet & training plan then you can easily achieve your fitness goal.

Well, it is completely a new concept in India, So, a lot of you have questions, But once you try so, you’ll definitely get a different experience In this VR workout.

No, you don’t need to buy any equipment for this training, All the equipment is provided by us.