Key Features

We have a team of certified Zumba trainers, That will help you throughout your Zumba training, Which helps to keep you fit and healthy.

You’ll get an amazing experience and a different environment in our fitness studio, Which makes you feel energetic and active during your workout.

We can proudly say that we are providing the best-customized training programs to each and every client, to make our members satisfied in our fitness studio.

Zumba Classes

Diet n fit provides excellent Zumba classes to our clients. Our Zumba training is very intense, Which actually helps you to lose weight. Even it boosts your stamina and endurance. Which makes you healthy and fit and with this short Zumba training you can burn calories from 350 to 800 calories, Which is really amazing for you.

Our Zumba instructors focus on every client so that they can engage during the Zumba training. We have different kinds of Zumba forms that are specially designed for all age groups. Which makes you fit and energized in your daily routine.

Expert Trainers

Our experienced trainers who have been in this industry for more than 5 years, Will always help you throughout your fitness journey.

Customized Training Programs

Our customized training program is really effective. As per your fitness goal and preference, our fitness experts provide you with a suitable and effective training program.

Proper Guidance

Our certified trainers will always keep in touch with you and they also give you proper guidance. So that you’ll not get misguided.

Live Support

Through our Diet N Fit app you’ll get live support, Wherever you’re our trainers will always keep in touch with you. So, that your fitness goal will not get delayed.

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Zumba Classes FAQs:

Zumba is really an amazing and intense workout and you can easily burn 600-900 calories.

During pregnancy, the workout is really good for the health. However, a workout like Zumba is really effective and it is a good option for you. 

Yes, you can do Zumba regularly. But if you do Zumba once or twice a week, That is also enough for you. Rest it is completely up to you.

Zumba is really an amazing exercise and you can easily burn 600-900 calories, Which really helps you in weight loss.

It is essential to keep your body hydrated so, you should drink water and you can drink water 700ml-1ltr during the Zumba workout.