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DIET N FIT – THE FITNESS STUDIO is INDIA’s FIRST ever fitness studio integrated with VIRTUAL REALITY and ONLINE TRAINING, Changing the traditional Gym routine to science-based training which will ensure in changing to a healthier lifestyle at an affordable cost. DNF ensures to create awareness about myths and bro-science in regards to healthy living through our online Health and Fitness Community. By the end of the decade there are plans to open a chain of 30 studios across the globe and reach 1 million members.

DNF’s team has highly trained, experienced and qualified professionals. Considering the current pandemic, DNF has developed a Mobile Application both on Android and iOS, featured with Live training sessions, group training, customized Diet Plan, Training Plan, fitness tools, friendly support and fitness consultation with our experts which helps you in training at the comfort of your home.
The app tracks your daily activities, water intake reminder, food logs, steps count and many more. It can also track your daily VR training, sci-fi sessions, Strength and cardio training as well with online consultation with our expert trainers.
The best part of the app is, it completely FREE of cost. Even if you don’t have time to hit a Fitness studio or a gym you will get FREE DIET plan, Free Training Plan. Which will help you to easily achieve your goal. The app is frequently update with Nutritional values of the foods approved and provided by The Indian Food Composition Tables (IFCT). DNF’s motive is not only to help one to get healthier, but also to educate how to be healthier and maintain a healthy lifestyle, hence we have created a community space in the app, Instagram and Facebook Page to discuss, clear doubts of our clients and update with educational material for all fitness goals.

DNF has introduced Virtual Reality cardio fitness from Switzerland, the software is developed with result-oriented science-based fitness and not the out-dated ‘Bro-science”.
The sessions are fun build to ensure that you focus on your performance and progression, not the pain, rep and time. Here is what we have designed. You play the game and get fitter, stronger and healthier. You can track your workouts, follow your progress, keep yourself accountable through our mobile application, you will also be assigned with Coach who guides you with your customized diet and training plans.
What you can do?

14 amazing virtual worlds await your arrival:
• real cities like Paris or San Francisco,
• historical places like Babylon,
• fantasy worlds like Saturn or the mysterious Troglodyte,
• pleasant natural surroundings like Tropical or Snowy Mountains,
• worlds based on real sporting events such as Cambridge or the Grand Sablon desert,
• and our newest addition, the futuristic Cyberpunk world.

Immerse yourself in these worlds, try to escape the exploding grenades, dragon, turtles, collect the
various hidden trophies, and forget you’re working out. You’ll be getting great results in no time!

We have 6 Workout Modules:
Journey: Enjoy the immersive environments and collect trophies all while working out.
Zen Mode: No stats, trophies, or distractions – just you and the environment of your choice.
Cardio goals : Customize your workout according to your needs. Fat burn, cardio, interval or HIIT on the right level for you.
Performance: Once a record has been set, improve individual score in competitive play or beat other
users’ results.
Race Mode: Race AI competitors designed to match your fitness level. and
Online Multiplayer: Engage in small group training or competitions with members from all around the world.

Still Lacking Motivation?

If you have trouble, the you can try our Challenges
1. Daily Challenges: Every day, you’ll receive two new daily challenges, covering a variety of
workout modes and environments. For each daily challenge you complete, you’ll get bonus
points to help you rank higher.
2. Monthly Challenges: Four phases with three workouts each: you’ll be faced with 12 challenging tasks that will take you through a variety of workouts, ranging from the Journey mode to the notorious 15-min HIIT.

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