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A Science and Technology based Spinning sessions tailored for all types of fitness goals. Stationary exercise bikes are not used here, instead the regular road bikes which is mounted on a custom-made training rollers enabling a rocking movement which gives the rocking movement to the biker. This setup needs more engagement of the bikers upper body and Lower body and maintain smooth pedal strokes you will not be able to ride the bikes. 

Science based Spinning sessions integrated with technology tailored for accurate results. The pattern is custom designed with training rollers and regular road side bikes. This gives the real time experience to the rider as the bike keeps moving side to side which is the rocking movement. The bikes are not stable as the Stationary Exercise bikes which are used for spinning class hence it requires more engagement from the core and upper body as well to ride the bikes with a constant pedalling.

Our Top Features

Dedicated Experts

We have certified experts for spinning training, Who will give you spinning classes and our training program is highly intense. This helps you in weight loss and fat loss so, you must try this training in our fitness studio.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the first priority in our fitness studio. We always try to serve the best and we always give more than what we offer.

Build Relationship

We always build a relationship and guide them on every point so, that we can build a long-term bond with our clients.

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SCi-Fi Rides FAQS:

Usually, it takes 45-60 minutes.

Well, it is for both whether your goal is muscle building or endurance. It is very beneficial for you.

No, It is not necessary to use special shoes for spinning. You can wear running shoes or other sports shoes, That’ll be completely fine.

Yes, you should do stretching after spinning class because it helps to prevent soreness.

Yes, it will definitely help you lose weight. As it is very high-intensity training.

Sci-fi Rides FAQs