Steam Bath

We have a special area for steam bath, where you can heal and relax after a workout. Steam baths create an environment that warms the mucous layer and empowers profound relaxation. Accordingly, utilizing one can help separate congestion inside the lungs. 

When you enter the room, the heat of the steam bath can make you relax and feel good which helps to reduce stress in the body.

It is also an amazing therapy for your body which makes you positive and it makes you mentally fit and healthy. That is why “Diet N Fit” especially designed this area so, that “Diet N Fit” members can heal their body and get rid of stress and detoxify their body.

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Steam Bath FAQs:

This workout is very high-intense, Once you take the VR session then you’ll definitely see the change.

Yes, you can achieve your fitness, It doesn’t matter whether your fitness goal is muscle building or weight loss.

Well, it is completely a new concept in India, So, a lot of you have any questions, But once you try so, you’ll definitely get a different experience In this VR workout.

No, you don’t need to buy any equipment for this training, All the equipment is provided by us.