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What Will You Get?

Balanced Diet Plan - ₹3,000

Tailored meal plans with the perfect balance of protein, fat, and carbs. Har din naya taste!

Everyday Different Recipes- ₹2,000

Naye-naye recipes that keep your taste buds happy and health in check.

Easily Available, Ghar Ka Khana- ₹1,500

No fancy stuff, just simple and wholesome recipes you can whip up in your kitchen.

No Supplements, Pure Science- ₹2,500

Bhool jao myths, embrace the real science of weight loss.

Comprehensive Guide to Balanced Diets- ₹2,000

From meal plans to measurement conversions, sab kuch clear and simple.

Home Workouts with Instructional Videos- ₹2,000

Dumbbells ya resistance band, get fit with easy-to-follow home workouts.

Lifetime Free Fitness App Membership - ₹1,000

Har time, har jagah, fitness in your pocket.

Access to Our Exclusive Fitness Community- ₹1,000

Join karo hamare fitness ke deewane community mein!

Total Package Value: ₹15,000.

Special Offer Price
Just ₹499!

Reasoning Behind the Offer:


Enhanced Physical Well-being

Improved energy levels and vitality for a healthier lifestyle.

Sustainable Weight Management:

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight with balanced habits.

Optimal Fitness Performance

Improve physical strength, stamina and muscle assistance.

Positive Mental Well-being

Improved mood, attention and cognitive function for improved mental health.

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Frequently Asks Questions

Our program combines tailor-made diet plans, powerful exercises and professional advice for long term fat loss.
Yes, for people of all fitness levels and agreeable to beginners with clearly outlined instructions leading the client towards successful outcomes.
We center in a whole approach including nutrition and fitness, customizing programs depending on specific needs with the best results.
Absolutely. We refer to limitations, building individual programs based on your tastes and demands.
We recommend whole foods but may suggest supplements when necessary. They’re not mandatory.
Adaptable based on goals and progress, duration varies it is designed to work throughout the long-term with ongoing support.
Consult a health care provider before starting. We customize the program to include unique medical factors.
Yes, our planning system promotes a balanced strategy – teaching you to introduce treats in moderation and stick with the plan.
Personalized coaching, regular check-ins and a community that has only one goal – to help you along the way.
Yes, we have a satisfaction guarantee. If not satisfied after a particular timeframe, you can ask for your money back. Terms and conditions apply.

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